The 4 teams from Faculty of Law had participated in the CINE LEX CRITICAA Movie Legal Review Competition held at Saveetha School of Law, SIMATS, Chennai on 27th July 2023.

1. Antony Geoffrey Samuel and Sneha ( LLB – II year)
2. Dhaneshwara and Yashoda dhamu (BBA.LLB – III Year)
3. Abdul Kalam and Dhilip ( LLB – II year)
4. Ismath and Thiruvathini (BA.LLB – V year)

Antony Geoffrey Samuel and Sneha from LLB – II year B section secured the first position amongst 20 colleges in the preliminary competition and had entered the Finals placing their mark as one amongst the Top 3. Adding to this glory Sneha had secured the BEST SPEAKER AWARD at the CINE LEX CRITICA. We congratulate the teams and the winners for their successful endeavour.