Our Faculty of Law 3rd National Conference has been integrated by our Visionaries at Banquet Hall in Phase II Campus on the 26th, of July 2023.

The inaugural season was Chaired by our Honorable President Sir, VC Madam, ProVost Prof.GGK, ED- legal Prof.GCK, Director FOL, Special Officer FOL, Dean FOL along with Ms Anu Gopala Krishnam, Mr Rishvik Pandra and Dean SLMC&H Prof. Dr Bala Subramanyam.

The Keynote Speaker at Inaugural Session
Mr Bruce Gustafson
was kind enough to set up the direction for the whole conference by covering the Global Regulatory Framework for Data and Privacy Law, AI, and Content Regulation. He educated us on the nuances around Data Protection and Policy Making, providing us with a direction around how to balance the pursuit of innovation with the right accountability framework.

During his Fireside Chat with Rishvik Pandra, he was kind enough to elucidate on
1) Section 230 & content regulation
2) AI governance
3) And importantly, the approach needed from young legal professionals towards the technological hemisphere.