The Faculty of Law organized an Interdisciplinary Lecture on the topic “Computer Skills for Legal Professionals” on 13th of July 2023 from 10.30 AM to 12 PM. The speaker of the session was Dr R.Rajeswari, Associate Professor. The speaker discussed the role of AI in law and explained the steps of machine learning in document review. She explained many real time examples along with the applications of AI in the legal world. As an expert in Artificial Intelligence, she discussed the most important purpose of AI to reduce human casualties in wars,car accidents,natural disasters etc, the speaker also highlighted the need for advanced AI technology.

The session was attended by 150 students and the members of the FOL along with executives of the FOL.
This Interdisciplinary Lecture was organized by Mrs. R.Kalaivani ( Economics) and Mrs.R.Jeevitha ( Computer Science) with the guidance of the Director, Special Officer, Dean. And Dr. Gomathy Shankari, Events Organiser monitored the event along with Mrs. Jeevita.