Faculty of Law organized a Subject Lecture on the topic “Intellectual property rights” on the 05th of July 2023 from 10.00 AM to 1 PM. The speaker of the session was Dr M. Amaraa. The speaker discussed the importance of Intellectual Property in general and highlighted the concepts of Bio- Prospecting and Bio- Piracy in particular with the help of judicial contributions for the evolution of new property rights in Bio Patenting and Traditional Knowledge. As an expert in the legal profession she discussed case laws in detail. The speaker also highlighted traditional Knowledge and its importance in IPR. The speaker highlighted the need for a National Biodiversity Authority in the field of Intellectual property rights in India.

The session was attended by 300 students and the members of the FOL along with executives of the FOL. This Subject Lecture was organized by Mrs. R. Shalini with the guidance of the Executive Director, the Director, Special Officer, Dean, Events Organizers, and the FOL members. The organizer and the members of the FOL sincerely expressed their gratitude to the Vision and the Mission of our esteemed University.