Event outcome :

Integrity and independence are key prerequisites for establishing an effective and functional judiciary and judicial system for the peaceful resolution of legal disputes. The centrality of a strong justice mechanism lies in its essential contribution to fostering economic stability and growth, and to enabling all manner of disputes to be resolved within a structured and orderly framework.

The Faculty of Law, Organized a Special lecture on INTRODUCTION TO THE CONCEPTS OF JUDICIAL LIFE AND JUDICIAL INTEGRITY on March 29, 2023. The session started with, Tamil Thai Valthu. The speaker of the day, Dr Mujahid ul Islam, emphasised of Judicial life by starting that justice lives as an universal aspiration. The speaker stated that justice is a power or what we call it as public satisfaction.It is like a breath without any hierarchy or boundary. Citing the case “Rupa Ashok Hurra vs Ashok Hurra” and quoting “Almighty alone is the dispense of absolute justice, a concept which is non disputed by a few”. These quotes had a lasting impact upon the vibrant and enthusiastic budding law students. The speak also emphasized on the fact that Judicial intergity. Justice is stated to be delivered with human intellect, professional Experience/Expertise, Creaditability of Arguments, Availablity of evidence , Admission of parties, Fear of Almighty /God/ Creator , Constitutional Guidance , Judicial Conscience (Judging the judges), Is that possible to study Judicial behaviour and Judicial audience. The speaker stated the principle governing the judges are Justice and Integrity, Judicial trustworthiness  /Accountability, Judicial Conscience, Judicial sensitivity, Judicial Reasoning and Judicial discipline.By introducing the significant laws of Egyptian, Justice Abdul Rahman. Along with him, other pearls of Judicial courage specified by the speaker are Justice Alejandro Alvarez, Justice Kotaro Tanaka, Justice Fouad Ammoan, Justice Christopher Gregory Weeramantry and Justice Antio Augusto, Cancado Trindade. Quoting World of law to be words of law.