Event outcome :

Violence against women and children is any behaviour that results in or is likely to result in danger; harm, physical, psychological, sexual, property or economic suffering to women and children. Preventing and combatting violence against women and children refers to prevention, protection, assistance to the victims of violence and handling of such violence including taking measures against perpetrators of violence.

The Faculty of Law, Dr MGRERI organised the 30th Special Lecture on Role of Law in Combating Violence against Women on 6th April 2023 between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. at the Banquet Hall.The speaker of the session was Dr Christina Kokila, MA, B Ed, MPhil, SLET, Ph D, who is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Madras Christian College, Thambaram, Chennai. In today’s discussion the speaker reminded us that violence against women is one of the most widespread and devastating violation of human rights in the world. The first half of the session was mainly focused on the historical perspectives of violence against women. The speaker observed that history of violence dates back to ancient civilizations that slowly stripped women of their rights until they were not allowed to have a voice. In India the suppression of women started back when Manu wrote down the social codes for Hindus . The speaker also analysed the root causes of violence against women which includes the unequal distribution of power and resources between men and women and an adherence to rigidly defined gender roles and identities i.e. what it means to be masculine and feminine. 

The second half of the discussion mainly focused on the role of legislations and polcies of the govt in combating violence and torture against women and analysed how far they are effective in eliminating this social evil. The Guest Lecture was initiated by Assistant Professors of Law Department, DR MGRERI, Mr M Shankara Pandiyan and Mrs Anitha O.S. The students and members of the Faculty of Law participated, interacted and engaged with the session actively, making it immensely beneficial for the them in all respects. A special thanks to our Director, Dean and Professors Dr Devanathan and Dr P B Pankaja for their noble and gracious presence during the occasion and for extending their warm support throughout the conduct of the session.